About us

An history...

Since I was a child I have always had a passion for electronics and IT and already at the age of 13 I was changing the RAM and processors of computers to enhance them.

In high school I decided to study IT to transform my passion into my profession and during the afternoons, in addition to studying, I fixed my friends’ PCs.

Once I reached university I undertook a course of study that led me to obtain a degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Industrial Automation; specialization chosen to combine my two passions, IT and electronics.

After the graduation celebrations, the most critical decision came: which job to choose. Going to work in a software house like many of my friends have chosen, or choosing a profession where I could combine my knowledge of IT with that of electronics.
I did various interviews in companies that dealt with industrial automation and software, but in the end I chose a company that dealt with geotechnics and geophysics. I wanted to learn new things and increase my knowledge.

I worked for 17 years in this company designing their entire range of products; from probes to investigate the subsoil, to the various data loggers for data acquisition up to the control units that controlled the operating machines.
This job has helped me grow a lot on a professional and cultural level as it has allowed me to travel around the world, getting to know very different peoples and cultures.

For this and many other reasons I will always thank my former owner.

In 2023 I decided to found Teegarden Engineering to help anyone who needs it with my knowledge. I currently work with the company I have always worked for and other small businesses in the area.